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We Have an Exciting Announcement!

EarthRisk and Riskpulse have merged together, resulting in an immediate advancement of our science, technology, and development services. In the coming weeks and months, be on the lookout for marked improvements across the entire platform.

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Quantifying weather risk

EarthRisk Technologies is a pioneer in the use of  "big data" for weather analysis. By utilizing the ever-expanding power of cloud computing to crunch massive amounts of weather data every day, EarthRisk provides data-driven probability forecasts. At EarthRisk, we quantify weather risk.

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Meet TempRisk Apollo

Our latest forecast product, TempRisk Apollo, provides the market's most sophisticated temperature guidance in a one-stop shop for all your forecast needs. It optimally blends TempRisk’s unique, objective temperature output with numerical guidance for the full spectrum of temperature probabilities.

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Congratulations to Our Very Own Jon Davis!

Jon has been awarded the 2015 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Advance of Applied Meteorology by the American Meteorological Society for a distinguished career in applying meteorological and climatological knowledge to the energy, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

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Playing the Odds in Gas and Power Markets

BREAKING ENERGY, Oct. 3, 2013 – When it comes to energy trading, there’s very little that’s 100% certain. But you don’t need to know everything to get a leg up in natural gas or power markets. You just need to know more than the other guy.

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TempRisk Apollo White Paper

TempRisk Apollo is on a mission to return to the root of the forecast problem: to make prudent, wise, and industrious weather forecasts that plan for conditions of uncertainty.

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Weather Redefined

EarthRisk Technologies is revolutionizing weather forecasting. Our suite of products feature new technology that optimally generates the probabilities of heat and cold events up to 40 days in advance -- well beyond the skill of numerical weather models, and at a lead time longer than anyone else in the market.

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The Longest-range Weather Forecast

OUTSIDE MAGAZINE, July 2013  – Why is Europe dominating the United States in meteorological prognostication? Follow the money. EarthRisk Technologies is highlighted as a private company offering long-range weather forecasting solutions.

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SD’s EarthRisk Gives Investors Weather Trends

SAN DIEGO DAILY TRANSCRIPT, Aug. 14, 2013  – With weather patterns becoming increasingly volatile throughout the world, San Diego’s EarthRisk Technologies has released a new tool aimed at predicting how high temperatures will rise or fall.

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About Us

We are breaking new ground in weather analytics by quantifying weather risk. Our innovative technology gives our clients tools to make better weather-related business decisions - Linking weather to risk.

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John R. Plavan Jr.
John R. Plavan Jr.

"At the center of talent, technology and opportunity."

Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett

"A totally new approach - maximizing weather-dependent decisions."

  • Use Case

    East US July 2013 Heat

    Highlighting TempRisk’s performance forecasting extreme heat in the East US for July 2013, a long-lead analysis that aligned with the most robust temperature event of the season. More

  • In the News

    Outside Magazine, July 2013

    EarthRisk Technologies is featured as a private company providing long-range weather forecasting solutions. More

  • Testimonial

    Josh Darr, former Meteorologist, Chesapeake Energy

    "A must-have element of ones daily forecast routine, TempRisk Apollo provides valuable information in the short- and medium-range periods and on the order of days to weeks."

  • Current Update

    TempRisk Apollo

    Introducing the only weather software to blend unique, objective subseasonal weather data with external weather guidance for an optimal view of weather risk.More

Industries Served

Weather-sensitive industries across the globe link advanced forecasts to decision making.

  • Energy

    Energy Industry

    Whether investing in gas and power or planning a city grid, the weather is big business in the energy industry. TempRisk users can see the risk of weather events before the market, leading to better timing and scaling of positions.

  • Agriculture

    Agriculture Industry

    Nearly every facet of agricultural activity depends on the weather: crop yields (pricing), harvesting, fertilizing, planting dates and water management. TempRisk’s advanced weather information can help farmers plan and prepare.

  • Insurance

    Insurance Industry

    The world's costliest year in history for natural catastrophe losses was 2011. The US alone spent $32B in insured losses due to extreme weather events. TempRisk allows insurers to better mitigate the loss risks.

TempRisk Apollo

TempRisk Apollo’s unique approach incorporates and goes well beyond the limits of numerical weather models.

TempRisk Apollo contributes to greater forecast confidence by providing the full spectrum of temperature data at longer lead times -- in an interface that feeds real operational decision making on a daily basis.

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Global Regions

Customers acquire access to the regions valuable to their business:

  • Asia Pacific
  • Central US
  • East US
  • Europe
  • Midwest East US
  • Midwest US
  • Pacific Northwest US
  • Pacific Southwest US
  • Southeast US
  • South-Central US
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